A Brewer’s Fob

This really is an obligatory post: a rant, a pontification, a line in the sand. It’s been a long while that I’ve been collecting these thoughts and values. And finally, I have a place to put them!

Simply put, we believe in fine beer.

We are all done being told by the big business crowd that cold equals good, (I would name names, but don’t want to be hunted down by a silver bullet…oops) or that terms like micro-carbonation and cold–filtered actually mean something. Better yet, if I buy their product I have a chance of finding myself on an airplane surrounded by girls, and on my way to the super-bowl.

Baffle-gab, hog-wash, horse-shit. There, I said it. Let’s just have a great beer, one we can actually taste and enjoy for what it is: a finely crafted, locally made, great-tasting beer.

It seems simple. And here’s the best part: it has been happening for a very long time. Throughout much of the last several thousand years, brewers have been making beer in small batches, and people have been happily enjoying it in close proximity to where it was made. Seems blindingly obvious.

It has only been in the last several decades that we have allowed ourselves to become complacent and let the big guys tell us what is best for us. That is, dumbing the beer down by filling it with refined sugars, chemicals and preservatives, filtering it into anoxeria, and throwing marketing dust in our eyes to mask their bland fizzy swill.

A revolution was needed. A renaissance of the Micro-Brewery. Our proclamation saying we actually prefer taste to gimmickry, we are not afraid of big flavour, we love the taste and aroma of hops, we don’t support the fuzzy logic of transporting beer across the continent, or ocean, and we are here to stay. Get used to it. Get out of the way if you won’t lend a hand.

In the words of Daltry and Townshend, “We won’t be fooled again.”

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