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Beer has been at the centre of community since the outset of civilization. We have gathered and shared conversation, broken bread, played music and games, danced and occasionally shed a tear or two. This is at the heart of why we do all this. We make beer to add to life’s enjoyment. It’s simple, really.

We’ve been told that we give a lot back to our community. That’s not exactly how we see it. We are just doing what feels right to do. Lots of companies give back. And so they should. We do our part because we care and because we can. We’re all in this together.


Harbourside Rotary School Breakfast Program 2022

A Full Belly for Hungry Kids

At this time of year, when we are starting to think about the holiday dinners we’ll soon enjoy, it’s important to remember that not everybody has access to the food they need to stay healthy and strong. The unfortunate reality is that more than three thousand local school kids arrive hungry at our schools in Victoria every morning—a number that is only increasing during these difficult times.

The Rotary Club of Victoria – Harbourside provides financial support for school food programs that help our community’s most vulnerable children thrive and learn! It serves food to thousands of kids at local elementary schools through breakfast, snack, and our new weekend backpack programs. 100% of the funds raised go towards covering the costs of our school food programs to help feed our kids throughout the year.

Supported in part by Cobs Bread and through donations gathered via the Rotary Club, these healthy breakfasts offer a great kickstart to hungry students who might otherwise go without.

How You Can Help

As with all of our featured charities, partial proceeds from the sale of growler fills from our Growler Station (at the brewery) will be given to this awesome and important organization.

If you’d like to learn more about the great work these Rotarians do, please visit the Victoria-Harbourside Rotary site.

Past Charities of the Month


Here is a small selection of some really great companies and individuals with a like-minded approach to community.