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Beer has been at the centre of community since the outset of civilization. We have gathered and shared conversation, broken bread, played music and games, danced and occasionally shed a tear or two. This is at the heart of why we do all this. We make beer to add to life’s enjoyment. It’s simple, really.

We’ve been told that we give a lot back to our community. That’s not exactly how we see it. We are just doing what feels right to do. Lots of companies give back. And so they should. We do our part because we care and because we can. We’re all in this together.


Westcoast Skatepark Coalition

Westshore Skatepark Coalition

Formed in 2015, the Westshore Skatepark Coalition is a volunteer non-profit organization of local skateboarders and parents of skaters. The destruction of Langford’s Belmont skatepark left a huge void in western communities for youth and the young-at-heart. The coalition intends to rebuild and enhance community outreach by creating a bigger and better all-wheels, free to use, public skatepark.

Through strong partnerships and leadership, the Westshore Skatepark Coalition fosters and supports the growth of skateboarding in the Westshore. Providing access to world-class facilities where skatepark users can participate safely, develop their skills and enjoy skate-related events.

They have municipal support, an awesome design and a plot of land at West Shore Parks & Recreation. They just need more money to help move things forward and break ground.

How You Can Help

As with all of our featured charities, partial proceeds from the sale of growler fills from our Growler Station (at the brewery) will be given to this awesome and important organization.

Additionally, if you would like to learn more about fundraising efforts, you can find do so here: Westshore Skatepark Coalition



Past Charities of the Month


Here is a small selection of some really great companies and individuals with a like-minded approach to community.