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Introducing Hoyne Kolsch: New Beer, Old Style

In the early 17th century, bottom fermented beers started to emerge in Cologne, which threatened the business of brewers who only produced top-fermented beers. Afraid and a bit bullish, the town council forced young brewers to swear an oath in response. The brewers agreed, “to prepare beer, as of old, from good malt, good cereals, and good hops, well-boiled, and that you pitch it with top-yeast, and by no means with bottom yeast.”

Over the years, brewers found creative solutions to these limitations, though, and began using a hybridized brewing process: first brewing their beer using top-fermenting yeast, then aging it in cold cellars like bottom-fermented beer. The result? A bright and clear beer with a straw-yellow hue, now known as Kolsch.

Hoyne Kolsch

Pilsners and lagers have always been Sean’s passion. Our Hoyne Pilsner has been core to our business since day one and as we’ve grown we’ve added more to our lineup, including our Dortmunder Lager, Helios and our Vienna Lager. Our new Kolsch is another in that line – almost. Since we are following the traditional hybrid process of brewing with a top-fermentation, Kolsch is technically an ale. But, like in the earliest days of the style, we are aging it in cold temperatures, which gives it a crisp, lager-like flavour and style.

The great news? Hoyne Kolsch is officially part of our full-time lineup of beers and will be available year-round!


As with our other beers, we have gone to the source to get the most authentic ingredients. But unlike our others, which typically have a blend of European and Canadian ingredients, this one is 100% German.

We’re using malts from Durst Malz in Germany, who make products specifically for clean pilsners and Kolsch beers. We’ve brought in a handful of German hops, too, from the Hallertau  region. And the yeast we’ve used is 100% German, too. Basically, the only part of our new Kolsch that isn’t sourced in Germany is the water – for that we’ve got the clean, crisp water of Vancouver Island.

We’ve gone to some length on this one to make it as authentic as possible.” ~ Brewmaster, Sean Hoyne


As with our Carte Blanche Belgian White IPA, Terra Firma Saison, and Bier Garten Weizenbock, development of our Kolsch has been driven by the brewing team, otherwise known as The Young Lions. In this series, Sean gives room for the team to dream up their next brew and helps them navigate the process while learning the craft along the way.

Our Kolsch is an addition to that lineup. Fueled by The Young Lions’ passion to create authentic beers and Sean’s love for tradition, it is a perfect blend of playfulness, real ingredients, and centuries of craft.

Now available in six-pack cans and draft.